The International Office offers the service to assist international exchange students in finding accomodation in Heilbronn.International exchange students may select their housing preference from two options: Private dormitory or homestay.

Housing Option 1

»Private Dormitory«

Shared houses or apartments rented solely to students by private landlords:

  • furnished single rooms
  • shared kitchen
  • shared bathroom
  • internet access
  • washing facilities
  • walking distance to University or max. 30 minutes to the University by public transportation
  • 350 – 450 Euros per month
  • Safety deposit (up to two month rent)
  • Application via the International Office (housing form)

Housing Option 2



Homestays will allow you to observe and participate in daily life in Heilbronn, learn and practice your English and German outside the classroom and develop long-lasting friendships. Every homestay familiy is carefully selected. The International Office makes sure to match the right family with the right student. You will have the opportunity to learn about and experience German family life and culture first-hand.

Homestay facts:

  • a furnished single room
  • breakfast
  • internet access
  • washing mashine
  • walking distance to DHBW or max 30 min. to campus by public transportation
  • 250 Euros per month (in some cases plus safety deposit of up to two months rent)
  • Application via The International Office (link housing form)

Info: The International Office will introduce possible matching host families to you. You then have the chance to exchange E-mails and skype with your prospective hostfamily before making your decision.

If you do not want to accept the housing offer made to you, you must decline in writing within the next few days. It is then expected that you will undertake your housing search in Heilbronn independently.

In case you want to look for housing on your own see the DHBW Heilbronn Website (in German).

Or you can take a look at the following useful links:

It is common in Germany to sign a lease when you rent a room or an apartment. Rent is due on or before the first of the month. Depending on what you agreed on with your landlord you have to transfer the amount (usually from the bank account of the renter, with the account appearing on the lease) or pay in cash.